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Z-Air specializes in aerial mapping, orthomosaics, digital elevation modelling, and aerial surveillance missions using both fixed with aircraft and fixed wing UAV. We also offer aerial video/imagery captured from our hexacopter UAV.  



Welcome to Z-Air. Our company is dedicated to using state of the art aircraft for lowest emissions and highest performance for aerial surveying/imagery missions .  Our Pipistrel Virus aircraft is a NASA award winning fuel efficiency winner.  We utilize both full sized aircraft and electric UAV to capture stunning high/low altitude orthomosaics, digital elevation models, and Lidar data.  

AIRCRAFT Services!

Medium altitude large area orthomosaic mapping, DEM models, Oblique imagery, 4k aerial video footage, visual inspections, LIDAR data acquisition, 50 megapixel aerial photography


UAV Services!


Stunning low altitude 4k aerial video/photography, 3d aerial mapping, orthomosaic mapping