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Z-Air specializes in aerial mapping, orthomosaics, digital elevation modelling, and aerial surveillance missions using both fixed with aircraft and fixed wing UAV. We also offer aerial video/imagery captured from our hexacopter UAV.  

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Mapping Services

Z-Air provides aerial mapping services with our fuel efficient long range aircraft. We are able to deliver top quality aerial mapping products for our clients.

Aerial Mapping Services

Our aircraft is equipped with full autopilot allowing us to fly precise flight lines, it has three floor ports for mounting various sensors, equipped with ballistic parachute system for pilot safety, two 10" synthetic vision displays able to display both aircraft avionics instruments and video input from camera systems. With a range of 1800 kilometres and a fuel burn of just 15 litres/hr there is no aircraft that can beat our range/fuel efficiency that is designed for so many aerial applications. With built in oxygen supply we can fly up to 18,000' elevations.  We are able to provide our clients with imagery ranging from 5-30cm GSD resolution.



Digital Elevation Model

Dense Point Cloud

Volumetric Data Calculations

Raw Camera Data with IMU/GPS file

Wildlife Tracking

Aerial Mapping equipment:


Hasselblad A6D - 100


Hasselblad 50mm II 3.5

Flight Management System:

Aviatrix Flight Cube


Advanced Navigation - Spatial Dual GNSS/IMU


Aircraft Specs:

  • 1200NM range

  • Cruise 130 knots

  • 18,000 ft ceiling

  • Three floor ports for mounting various sensors

  • Autopilot with synthetic vision

  • Ballistic parachute system for aircraft

  • Fuel economy - 15 litres/hr at cruise

  • No wing struts for optimal visibility

  • VFR/Night operations