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Z-Air specializes in aerial mapping, orthomosaics, digital elevation modelling, and aerial surveillance missions using both fixed with aircraft and fixed wing UAV. We also offer aerial video/imagery captured from our hexacopter UAV.  


We did it again! Columbian Icefields 2019

Darryl Zubot

Finally after waiting two years for clear skies, no smoke, clouds, fog, haze etc we were able to map the glacier with our incredible Hasselblad A6D camera. The 100 megapixel medium format sensor allows us to fly the entire glacier in a single day. At an altitude of 15,000 ft, 8 hours flight time, burning only 100 litres of fuel this is an amazing feat for our Pipistrel Virus SW surveyor aircraft.

Mapping Glaicers

Darryl Zubot

In 2017 Z-Air was contracted by the University of York, Uk. to conduct multiple flights of the Columbian Icefields in Alberta, Canada. Despite the challenging weather  conditions and forest fire smoke from BC, we successfully mapped the glacier with our Pipistrel aircraft and Canon 5DS camera system. Below is a look at the 3d model created from one of those flights.


Darryl Zubot

We now have a new special operating flight certificate to utilize our two UAV systems in built up areas within class C, D, E, f and G airspaces in the Northern and Prairie regions of Canada!

Canadian Rockies

Darryl Zubot

Last week Z-Air took a trip to Hinton/Jaspter for Alberta government hot spot detection test flight. We conducted a midnight flight just on the border of the rocky mountains. Our aircraft is equipped with synthetic vision technology which allows us to see the terrain when we cannot see it visually, this not only adds safety but increases our abilities to fly in varying terrain, day or night.


It's here!

Darryl Zubot

The wait is over! Our 2016 pipistrel virus sw surveyor aircraft has arrived and ready to work. It is one of a kind aircraft, specifically designed for capturing top down data. With three floor holes, and one custom lidar mount we can do what in the past has been only done with twin engine airplanes.  This aircraft is fast, long range and safe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

Coming Soon!

Darryl Zubot

Our brand new pipistrel virus surveyor aircraft is arriving very soon! We couldn't be more excited or anxious to get our hands on this aircraft. It has been built for long range surveying missions. We worked very closely with pipistrel to build this one of a kind aircraft with three floor holes, including one custom Lidar hole/mount.  With sensor technology becoming increasingly smaller there is no reason to fly large single/twin aircraft or helicopters. This airplane cruises at 274 km/hr, with a range of 1800 km, and includes tundra tires for rough strips and optional ski's, it is built for long distance missions. The pilot has state of the art avionics, including synthetic vision, autopilot, and video input displays allowing the pilot to fly and manage equipment with ease.  This aircraft includes a built in parachute which I can personally tell you saves lives.  We are confident that this aircraft will satisfy any clients requirements as well as budget.   Contact us today about your aerial surveying needs for 2016!

New Camera!

Darryl Zubot

Z-Air now has the newest in digital camera imagery. The Canon 5DS camera is a 50 megapixel digital sensor camera capturing stunningly sharp/highly detailed images. The sample photo is of the new Oilers arena in downtown Edmonton taken with the Canon 5DS camera. Once Z-Air receives their new Pipistrel Virus with floor holes, we will soon be able to offer stunning ortho imagery maps and DEM's to clientele. 

Captured from Canon 5DS

A good outcome to an aircraft incident

Darryl Zubot

Feb. 21, 2015 our aircraft had a mechanical failure over the city of Edmonton, Ab. Canada. The pilot Darryl Zubot was alone at the time on a survey flight.  Here is a video that recaps the event.

This is the best possible outcome from such an occurrence. Like the news reporter said, it could have been much worse. 

We now are using our Cessna 150 aircraft for all aerial work until a replacement aircraft is delivered. Our new aircraft is already on order and will arrive in July. It will be almost the exact aircraft as we previously had, a pipistrel virus SW with 912 iS engine.  

Good News on horizon for Z-Air:

Due to this occurrence, this has given us the opportunity to upgrade our new aircraft to greater enhance our capabilities.  The new aircraft will come equipped with three separate floor ports, and an extra generator to power any type of survey equipment for future use. Two ports are 22cm in diameter and the third is 20cm diameter.  Please contact us if you are looking to use such a capable aircraft long range aircraft for your survey needs.

DJI phantom in -40ºC

Darryl Zubot

This past week Alberta hit a cold spell dropping down to -40ºC.  I figure this would be the perfect time to test out the DJI phantom 2 Vision in this type of cold. 

Results were outstanding, minimal loss of flight time due to the cold, flies just as well if not better. 

Wedding time

Darryl Zubot

Book your aerial wedding shoots now before it's too late! Weekends are filling up fast.  We are able to use either our aircraft for surprise fly overs or our UAV's for great outdoor aerial images and video.  

The variety of work we do is always expanding.  We cover any of the following areas and are always hit by new avenues to pursue.

weddings, real estate, construction projects, orthorectified photography, infrared surveillance, advertising, UAV sales and services

We'd love to talk with you so please call us anytime that is convenient to you!

First delivery

Darryl Zubot

Z-Air delivered it's first order to AFSC (Alberta Agriculture) this weekend. We've also received our demo DJI Phantom model. This will be used for sales purposes as well as real estate photography in Alberta.  

This image is of Taylor Field baseball diamond located downtown Edmonton. The first of many photos to be taken with our DJI UAV. Please contact us for information regarding real estate aerial imagery using our brand new UAV.


En route

Darryl Zubot

Today Z-Air is working in the Red Deer, Ab area. Putting our new aircraft to good use!

Let us know if you need any aerial photos taken in the Red Deer area.

I'll we require is your location or GPS coordinates and our autopilot will guide us right to your location.