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Z-Air specializes in aerial mapping, orthomosaics, digital elevation modelling, and aerial surveillance missions using both fixed with aircraft and fixed wing UAV. We also offer aerial video/imagery captured from our hexacopter UAV.  



About our company

Z-Air strives to deliver highest quality aerial products to its customers and specializes in custom requests.  We believe in a green future which is why we have obtained the most fuel efficient 2 seat aircraft. With no wing struts, full plexiglass doors, 3 floor ports, the visibility is by far the greatest of any aircraft out there. With visibility almost as good as a helicopter and with the incredible 1800 km range we can cover vast areas that helicopters would only dream of for a fraction of the flight cost. We have been operating in Alberta for over 10 years.

We take custom requests on a daily basis and work with companies such as Genscape, Landrex, Suncor, Re/Max Realty, Alberta Agriculture AFSC, Chandos Construction, Liberty Mortgage, Northern Weldarc and many more. 

We work across Canada with our long range surveyor aircraft or our electric UAV systems. Please contact us today for a free quote.

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Chief Pilot:

Darryl Zubot  

  • Commercial Pilot, Multi Engine rating 
  • Diploma - Photography/graphic design
  • 2000 hours total time - fixed wing


Affiliate companies:

Genscape Inc.

Resource Management - IR surveying

Lidar Services

Lidar specialists located in Calgary, Ab.

Terrapix Surveys

Specialize in aerial data processing

SkyTech Solutions:

UAV company based out of Calgary.

Services include mapping, or thermal and video data.



Measurement Sciences Inc.

Specialize in ground/air surveillance, including Lidar