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Z-Air specializes in aerial mapping, orthomosaics, digital elevation modelling, and aerial surveillance missions using both fixed with aircraft and fixed wing UAV. We also offer aerial video/imagery captured from our hexacopter UAV.  

Mapping Services




  • Mapping - orthomosaic mapping - Digital Elevation Models - Point Cloud Data - Volumetric Data calculations
  • Infrared Inspections - Flir Infrared camera capable of detecting hot spots
  • Aerial Visual Inspections - Hydro lines, Oil & Gas pipeline, Road and Railway, Wind/Solar farms
  • 4k Video - Capture stunning aerial video for you film projects, advertising, marketing
  • Oblique images - using our 50 megapixel camera, create 3d models of buildings, or take high resolution photos for personal/business marketing. 

Aircraft Details:

  • 2016 Pipistrel Virus SW Surveyor
  • Range: 2200 kilometers
  • Speed: Slow flight - 111km/hr (60 knots) Cruise - 240 km/hr (130 knots)
  • Max. Altitude: 18,000 feet
  • On board oxygen

Additional details:

Our aircraft is equipped with full autopilot allowing us to fly precise flight lines, it has three floor ports for various sensors such as lidar with visual imagery, equipped with ballistic parachute system for pilot safety, two 10" synthetic vision displays able to display both aircraft avionics instruments and video input from camera systems. With a range of 1800 kilometres and a fuel burn of just 15 litres/hr there is no aircraft that can beat our range/fuel efficiency that is designed for so many aerial applications. With built in oxygen supply we can fly up to 18,000' elevations.  

Camera equipment List:

  • Canon 5DS (50 megapixel)
  • Canon 5D mark iii (25 megapixel)
  • Canon L Series 70-200mm, 24-70mm
  • Sigma Art Series 50mm
  • Sigma Art Series 35mm
  • Flir HG-307 Infrared x 2

Sample 3d Models

Aircraft Images